About Kim White Tiger

Where Students Come First

In 2001, Master Kim and Master Quang had the belief that everyone should be able to learn martial arts. From this belief, Kim White Tiger Martial Arts opened with the mission that students always come first.


Their high caliber curriculum is affordable and for students of any age. We put our students first by giving them the tools they need to defend themselves in any kind of situation, but to also learn responsibility, discipline, and confidence.


All instructors are held to the highest standards as they are required to have frequent testings proctored by the board of directors in their respective associations. We are the only school in the Madison area that has instructors certified and recognized by the WTA, Kukkiwon, and Hoguguyme Associations. 

We believe that martial arts should not break the bank. At Kim White Tiger, we take this to heart and want to teach quality instruction to everyone that wants to learn. 

Around the country, martial arts classes start at $150 per month per student, with added costs such as equipment, extra required programs and six month contract. All of this can cost more than $1,000! This is putting a price tag on martial arts and to only students and families that can afford martial arts.

Kim White Tiger, our classes start at $100 per month per student. No hidden fees. No contracts. We want to be transparent in our pricing by letting you know our costs up front. For us, buying equipment is optional, but we encourage students to have their own equipment for sparring in competitions. 


Contact us to try out our classes. We are a family friendly martial arts school.