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Guess what season we are entering?

October 18,2019

Not only are we entering the holiday season - all the yummy candy, food and family time, but we are also entering the cold, flu and strep throat season. We love teaching your students, but they will not learn if they are not feeling well. If your students experience any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention. Additionally, if your student does have strep or the flu, please keep them home until they have had a few days of antibiotics or if they do not have a fever without the use of fever reducing medications.


Fever lasting 3-4 days about 102-104°
General aches and pains are extremely common and often severe
Fatigue and weakness can last up to 2-3 weeks, periodically resulting in extreme exhaustion
Cough, sore throat, chills, runny nose and headache are not uncommon

Strep Throat

Fever, headache and throat pain (young children may complain of stomach pain rather than throat pain)
Swollen glands in the neck
Bright red tonsils that may have white spots on them
Some people develop a rash

You can trust that the instructors are going to keep an eye on the student's and let you know if something seems off with your student. We strive to keep a healthy and safe environment for everyone. We also stay home if we are recovering from illness and get flu shots early in the season. We feel sad when we miss classes.

Let's all fight this season together


September 8, 2019

Since the instructors are going to be asking you questions, it is only fair that the students get to ask the instructors questions!

As school is in full swing, we are going to assign some fun homework too! Students, we are going to have you interview your instructors! Come to class with some questions that you have been wanting to ask your instructors.  

Students will get a few minutes with each instructor the next few weeks to ask questions and talk about experiences. 

Good luck students! 

Homework assignment for students!